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“The C-Word” by Lisa Lynch (2010) – telling it like it is

It’s not bloody right. Have just finished reading “The C-Word” and am feeling indignant and fed up with the injustice of it all. Lisa Lynch was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 28 after having already experienced the heartbreak of … Continue reading

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“The Road Home” by Rose Tremain (2007) – some things just get better with age

What a great writer. I raced headily through “Restoration” and its sequel “Merivel” last year, and within a few pages of “The Road Home” this week I felt myself to be back in good hands and on familiar territory. Rose … Continue reading

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Baileys’ Prize for Women – ‘Now We Are 20’ : “Everyone’s a winner, baby…”

With 20 years’ worth of titles under the Orange/Baileys’ belt, from Helen Dunmore’s “A Spell of Winter” in 1996 to Ali Smith’s “How To Be Both” just earlier this year, someone on the Baileys’ team has come up with a … Continue reading

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“Irrational Man” film (2015) – going against the grain?

The latest Woody Allen has just hit the big screen here to somewhat mixed reviews: the usually rather snotty Télérama has given it a fairly good write-up, but Rotten Tomatoes’ critics only give it a wishy-washy 42% on the Tomatometer. … Continue reading

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“Just What Kind of Mother Are You?” (2014), “Keep Your Friends Close” (2015) and “The Mistake I Made” (2015) by Paula Daly – a one-shot wonder?

There can only be one thing imaginably worse than losing your own child – losing someone else’s when they’re supposed to be under your care. A bit like Clare Mackintosh’s “I Let You Go”, the story exploring “Just What Kind … Continue reading

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“The Go-Between” by L. P. Hartley (1953) – between the devil and the deep blue

The BBC has a lot to answer for. All those carefully and lovingly prepared piles of books to be read in a certain order keep getting re-arranged, as not a week seems to go by without another new adaptation of … Continue reading

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