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Baileys’ Prize for Women – ‘Now We Are 20’ : “Everyone’s a winner, baby…”

With 20 years’ worth of titles under the Orange/Baileys’ belt, from Helen Dunmore’s “A Spell of Winter” in 1996 to Ali Smith’s “How To Be Both” just earlier this year, someone on the Baileys’ team has come up with a … Continue reading

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“White Teeth” by Zadie Smith (1999) – book review

I’d give my absolute eyeteeth to have a cup of tea with Zadie Smith. The critics’ comments splashed all round the cover of this national bestseller give a hint of what’s to come (good news, seeing as just occasionally the reviews … Continue reading

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“NW” by Zadie Smith (2013) – book review

Gulp at the outset of this outstanding read. For the first X pages, I thought a major error had been made in being so enthusiastic about dashing to devour this latest book by Zadie Smith. The truncated style of the beginning … Continue reading

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