Two on the trot: it’s definitely holiday time… Throwing down the gauntlet – The TBR Triple Dog Dare 1st January to 1st April 2016

tbr-final-dareFor last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.

Thus spake T.S. Eliot quite some time ago, and part of beginning every new year is the cheery prospect of breaking the same old time-honoured resolutions yet again. Nothing boring about it whatsoever.

This year it is all going to be SO different. This year it’s not “go on a diet”, it’s “eat healthily”. It’s not “give up hangovers”, it’s “join the January alcohol-free” crew. It’s not “do more crushing exercise”, it’s “carry on pottering round the avenue de Breteuil green patch so as to hopefully jog La Parisienne a little more respectably second time around next September”. Time will tell…

But the most exciting prospect of all is joining the 50+-strong squadron of fellow book-lovers and bloggers who have risen to the James Reads Books “TBR Triple Dog” dare – no more secret squirrelling away of new book purchases for the first three months of the year, or passing Go on Amazon, and instead plenty of reading tomes that are already sitting patiently on the shelves.

We’re allowed to tweak the rules, so will purchase book group reads with great alacrity, but will exercise the appropriate restraint on every other count and add any sources of temptation to the Wish List rather than the Oh I’ll Just Buy It Now Anyway collection.

As the New Year is upon us, the gauntlet has already been thrown down, so am going to go at it with as much gusto as those other resolutions. Three months! It’s going to be quite a challenge. But now I’ve said it out loud now, I’ve just got to keep to it.

“Courage, mon brave!” (that’s the inner soul speaking). Onward and upward. Gulp.

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7 Responses to Two on the trot: it’s definitely holiday time… Throwing down the gauntlet – The TBR Triple Dog Dare 1st January to 1st April 2016

  1. BookerTalk says:

    Im joining the triple dog dare too – I tried book buying bans in the past and they didnt work. I have so little self restraint that I think I lasted just three weeks. The dare suits me because I can still buy, just can’t read……

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    • I’m hoping to create a Wish List and hold back if I can, as have accumulated so much over recent years, and it’s of course worsened since reading everyone’s reviews in the blog world and following some of the book prizes! It’s going to be hard though – a friend has just sent me the link to today’s The Guardian Literary Calendar and I can feel my fingers itching already…
      Mind you, bowled over to realise that the BBC are revisiting “War and Peace” – this has got to be the time to bite the bullet and try and read it in parallel – have you read it?


  2. alison41 says:

    :Love this post – especially the reframing of NY Resolutions – who knows? this approach may actually work! I like the idea of the Triple Dog Dare – won’t sign up, but will give it a shot; trouble is, I run a Book Club & have to read Book Club books … sigh … such a burden ….

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  3. FictionFan says:

    Haha! Good luck – I love these more positive sounding resolutions! And I always enjoy seeing everyone fall off the Triple Dog Dare by about mid-January – it makes me feel like less of a failure… 😉

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  4. I did think about your post about your TBRs in December and have been allowing myself an hour or two re-sorting the shelves today, before the return to work tomorrow. Very self-indulgent stuff, but there are so many good books that I want to read that am really hoping to keep to my resolution. Having said that, have started a new baby Excel sheet, called “Wish List 2016” and on the 3rd January it already has 12 books on it… That’s a good start!

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