The Man Booker Prize 2015 Longlist has been announced!

The race is on: the international Prize’s Baker’s Dozen of contenders has been whittled down from its original list of 156 to just 13 titles.

The shortlist will be mid September, with the grand finale winner divulged a month later.

So here are the authors who will tonight be jumping up and down on their sofas with great glee :


Bill Clegg – “Did You Ever Have a Family” – USA – début novelist, read, 9/10

Anne Enright – “The Green Road” – Ireland – former winner in 2007 for “The Gathering”, see previous post on the Man Booker winners,

Marlon James – “A Brief History of Seven Killings” – Jamaica – first Jamaican-born author to be nominated for the Prize,

Laila Lalami – “The Moor’s Account” – USA – first Moroccan-born nominee (this book pipped to the Pulitzer Prize by Doerr’s “All the Light We Cannot See”),

Tom McCarthy – “Satin Island” – UK – previously shortlisted in 2010 for “C”,

Chigozie Obiama – “The Fishermen” – Nigeria – début novelist,

Andrew O’Hagan – “The Illuminations” – UK, Scottish – previously shortlisted for “Our Fathers” in 1999,

Marilynne Robinson – “Lila” – USA – shortlisted twice for the International Prize, various accolades including the Pulitzer in 2005 for “Gilead”, after “Housekeeping” had been shortlisted a few years earlier; “Home” was awarded the Orange Prize in 2009. “Lila” already winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award earlier this year,

Anuradha Roy – “Sleeping on Jupiter” – India – her first novel, “An Atlas of Impossible Longing” from 2008 was named by World Literature Today as one of the 60 Essential English Language Works of Modern Indian Literature,

Sunjeev Sahota – “The Year of the Runaways” – UK – included in the Granta list of 20 best young writers in 2013. NB titbit: did not read a novel until he was 18: “Midnight’s Children” apparently swiftly followed by “The God of Small Things”, “A Suitable Boy” and “The Remains of the Day”… read, 8/10

Anna Smaill – “The Chimes” – New Zealand – début novelist,

Anne Tyler – “A Spool of Blue Thread – USA – shortlisted for the Baileys’ Prize 2015, winner of the Pulitzer in 1989 for “Breathing Lessons”, etc, etc, read, 9/10

Hanya Yanagihara – “A Little Life – USA, of Native Hawaiian descent – her first novel “The People in the Trees” was highly praised as one of the best novels in 2013, read, 10/10.

So there we have it – the tension rises.

Aiming to try and read “The Green Road”, “The Moor’s Account” and “Lila” by the shortlist date – then crossing fingers that am at least part way towards making inroads into the last 6 standing in the final run up. Any guestimates as to who may make it to the final list?

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15 Responses to The Man Booker Prize 2015 Longlist has been announced!

  1. Denise says:

    I don’t really know these authors well, but I’m hoping Marilynne Robinson will make it, for being a woman and writing a “serious” book. Sorry, I know that’s not a very good reason. I have found the two Anne Enright books I’ve read (including The Gathering) underwhelming.

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    • Hi Denise, I wanted to try and read both Anne Enright books over the summer, but that’s disappointing if they are…
      Everything have seen so far on M.R. suggests she will be a very strong contender – we’ll have to wait and see. A lot of authors I hadn’t come across before either, and a few books I had thought might make it on the list that haven’t. Hmmm x


      • Denise says:

        I think there must be a reason why she is so well regarded, maybe I just chose the wrong books… look forward to reading your review if you do one.

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      • Am also wary, mind you, of embarking on the Robinson books as the only one I have read so far (“Gilead”) I didn’t enjoy very much at all – and I think most of her books are linked together so maybe I need to return to it and give it a second shot. Just a bit frustrating when there are so many blessed books out there completely unread! Plenty to keep us going, anyway… x

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  2. I want to read A Spool of Blue Thread and A Little Life. Will need to look into the other titles more before I can make any shortlist predictions!

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    • I am just reading your post on the nominations!! I wondered if Kate Atkinson might have been on there too. After reading your comments perhaps I should add “A Little Life” to my shortlist challenge? Really enjoyed your blog as always. x


  3. Julie says:

    I’m interested to compare Chigozie Obiama – “The Fishermen” – Nigeria – début novelist, with the beloved Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. 3 début novelists in the list! Can you begin to imagine how excited they must be. Guaranteed success and book sales with this nomination.

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  4. Hi Julie, if you get to “The Fishermen” over the summer would love to hear what you think of it. I had not heard of this novelist before so will try and read up more about him. 3 début writers and the USA included for the first time, will be interesting to see what choices are made for the next stage… x


  5. FictionFan says:

    I’m ashamed to admit I’ve read none of them this year – quite unusually. I’ve usually stumbled over at least one or two of the longlist. But there are several that look interesting – it’s quite a varied list, I think. For sentimental reasons, I’d rather see it go to a Commonwealth candidate than an American – they can always win the Pulitzer! The ones that appeal most from the blurbs are The Fishermen, The Moor’s Account, and The Chimes.

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  6. Hi, it’s quite a turn out for the books that the net has been widened to be ‘more global’, isn’t it – and also interesting that 5 out of 13 are USA writers, so it has had quite an impact on the mix. Will follow your readings over the summer to see which ones you pick, as always am caught between feeling greatly enthusiastic and a bit daunted by yet another batch of potential books. It’s never ending!


  7. A colourful list and great to see new names and old favourites, I’ve only read the Anne Tyler, but keen to read The Moor’s Account and The Fishermen, always looking for cross cultural fiction and works that bring an alternative perspective. In that respect, this year’s choices are unique indeed.

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  8. Hi Claire, I was just looking at your post on the longlist – thank you for the introductions to the books, it’s really useful – and see that you are aiming to read “2666” over the summer – look forward to hearing your comments on it in due course! I am still frustrated that I can’t seem to be able to drop everything and pick up “Middlemarch” properly – too many distractions coming left, right and centre, and yet I have VOWED to read this before September. Argh…


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