“The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins (2015) – book review

Ooh, I did enjoy this!

As confessed previously, I know that buying hardback books always seems like sacrilege in this day and age, but just every now and again I can’t help myself. Buying any books at all when there are so many still unread in the first place is absolutely mad, goes without saying.

But this one was definitely worth the investment. To be read in one or two sittings if time allows, or in the dead of night while all is quiet around. The first 30 or so pages take a while to work out what’s going on, but from then on in the pace is relentless and you have a proper potboiler on your hands. Reminded me of “Before I Go to Sleep” and “Just What Kind of Mother are You“, also great page-turners.

The use of the varied first-person narrative ensures you are constantly wrong-footed, and the use of a protagonist who drinks more than she ought is such a clever technique. Best to swept along by it and not try too hard to guess ‘who-done-what’. Am sure it irritated the socks off some readers, but it’s a fresh take on the thriller, and having a neurotic alcoholic as anti-heroine does work brilliantly within the frame and plot of the story (there are a couple of scenes depicted that ring home and are a bit too close to the bone – oh the perils of having that extra glass…).

Am sure the comparisons with “Gone Girl” are rife, but this book deserves its rave reviews as a fast-paced thriller, and long may it charge ahead full steam and undaunted into paperback, where am sure it will hit the bestselling lists for a good long station stop (groan). At the time of posting, over 1,250 Amazon UK readers have gone to the trouble of writing a review and giving this book a 5 star glowing thumbs up, Paula Hawkins’s cup should be rightfully overflowing!

Read in January 2015.

Rating : 10/10

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3 Responses to “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins (2015) – book review

  1. Monique says:

    Hi Nicola, ever since setting foot in Paris I have heard about this book left right and center; also recently translated en français. Was happy to read your positive review. Good summer read would you say?

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  2. Hi Monique – yes! without even a shadow of a doubt! Great summer read, I would say – may have a couple of others to add over the next couple of weeks, and do let me know if you come across any on your travels. PS Picked up the ‘Colorless’ Murakami en français at the school Springfest book sale, and hoping to read it very soon. Keep me posted… Nicola xx


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