So many helicopters … // 50 Shades review (2011)

So yes, I did read all three books and was vaguely titillated by the first, less intrigued by the second and finally deeply dismayed by the third novel. At the time, I did feel that it was a case of “all power to your elbow”, as Mrs James definitely hit on a captive audience, and I really loved the massive surge of interest her writing created. The large majority of my friends either have not read the books or stopped part way because “the writing was so excruciating”. I believe you all…

When the film hit the big screen here last month I hoped to get together a gaggle of girls to go and sit and chortle with me, film viewing to be followed by the equivalent of a swift half (here in Paris more likely to be a pichet of rosé, excusez-moi). So imagine the disappointment when NO-ONE wanted to go with me !!! (and genuinely don’t think it was because they had already illegally downloaded it and avidly watched it at home). In the event, two of us eventually made a date (not in the romantic sense) and snuck into the UGC Odéon for an early evening séance.

For everyone who has not seen the film yet, would hate to spoil your fun. But although Dakota was far more spunky than her fictitious heroine, excuse the pun, there was (disappointingly) very little to write home about. The on-screen Christian kept his low slung jeans on even when you wondered how that was physically possible, and some of the phrases said out loud brought an automatic knee-jerk of cringe (I challenge you to try saying “Later babes” out loud and making it huskily seductive). It’s a big thumbs down all round, I’m afraid. At least I can tick that “read the book, seen the film” box… but I do wish they’d picked Michael Fassbender to jump in and out of helicopters, he’d not have gone along with any of that “keep your jeans on” business.

Points out of 10 – sorry, off the Richter scale (and not in a good way).

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3 Responses to So many helicopters … // 50 Shades review (2011)

  1. So great to see your “inner goddess” shining through!

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  2. A Parisian highlight ??!?


  3. Julie says:

    Ha Ha. Very amusing review.

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