“Baileys’ Women’s Prize for Fiction” Longlist 2015

Hot off the press : the 20-strong list of contenders for the Baileys’ Prize 2015 is out – and it’s not long until the shortlist will be announced on the 13th April (UPDATED 13/04, SEE BELOW). The Day of Reckoning for an absolute winner will take place on the 3rd June. UPDATE : WINNER ANNOUNCED, review here. Oh! to have the luxury of downing tools, dropping everything and simply reading dawn to dusk, cover to cover, wall to wall, all twenty books between now and then. But there’s no harm in making the proverbial list and seeing where that takes us, eh.

Outline” by Rachel Cusk (have read and really loved “Arlington Park”, awarded 10/10) – now read, 8/10, SHORTLISTED

“Crooked Heart” by Lissa Evans

“Aren’t We Sisters?” by Patricia Ferguson

“I am China” by Xiaolu Guo

“Dear Thief” by Samantha Harvey (own but have not yet read the very well reviewed “The Wilderness”)

Elizabeth is Missing” by Emma Healey – have read, awarded 9/10

Station Eleven” by Emily St John Mandel – have read, awarded 10/10, next Book Group choice, attended author evening in Shakespeare & co on Thur 26th March 2015

“The Offering” by Grace McCleen (have read her first novel “The Land of Decoration”, awarded it 10/10)

“The Country of Ice Cream Star” by Sandra Newman

“The Girl who was Saturday Night” by Heather O’Neil

The Bees” by Laline Paull – now read, 5/10, SHORTLISTED

“The Table of Less Valued Knights” by Marie Phillips

“The Walk Home” by Rachel Seiffert

“A God in Every Stone” by Kamila Shamsie (have read, “Burnt Shadows”, 8/10) – now read, 7/10, SHORTLISTED

How To Be Both” by Ali Smith – now read, 10/10, SHORTLISTED

“The Shore” by Sara Taylor

A Spool of Blue Thread” by Anne Tyler (read “Breathing Lessons” 9/10 and “Digging for America” 9/10, plus “The Accidental Tourist” 8/10) –  now read, 9/10, SHORTLISTED

The Paying Guests” by Sarah Waters – have read 10/10, (also read “The Little Stranger” and “The Night Watch” 10/10 apiece, and “Tipping the Velvet” 6/10) – SHORTLISTED

“After Before” by Jemma Wayne

“The Life of a Banana” by P P Wong.

Will await the shortlist results on the 13th April with baited breath… UPDATED 13/04 WITH SHORTLISTED NOVELS – final results and winner at the beginning of June.

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4 Responses to “Baileys’ Women’s Prize for Fiction” Longlist 2015

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  3. Denise says:

    This is why I love reading blogs, to give me a short cut into literary life because I am too busy. What a great list for me to get through… although I read Elizabeth is Missing and had the *opposite* reaction to the one I just described about the Ali Smith reviews… all the Amazon reviews were raving about it and I just didn’t think it was that great! I felt it didn’t really show me anything I couldn’t have imagined about the state of dementia.

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  4. Hi Denise, same goes for me. I did like the Elizabeth book a lot, but it did feel a bit contrived. Reviewed it here in the blog https://literaryramblingsetc.wordpress.com/2015/03/25/elizabeth-is-missing-by-emma-healey-book-review/, look forward to hearing what you think of other recent reads. Nicolax


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