Baileys’ prize shortlist 2014

Still somewhat obsessed with the Baileys’ theme (hic! one tipple too many perhaps), and spot the trend no doubt to follow in general, it struck me that it would be a shame not to cast an eye over the shortlist from 12 months ago, when the jury was out on which books to drop in order to pronounce a clear winner. I remember there being quite the outcry from some quarters at the half-formed girl running away with the trophy, and as it were pipping certain other novels at the finishing post, but not having read it am going to have to do some proper research and buckle down and tackle the 3 out of 6 still on the “To Read” list. Enter Baileys’ Challenge Number 2 – or should that be Challenge Number 3, after working through the Annual Winners list (see earlier post) and the future Shortlist 2015 list (see longlist link) ???

Baileys’ shortlist 2014 –

Americanah” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – have read, rated 10/10 (also read “Half of a Yellow Sun” 10/10 and “Purple Hibiscus” 9/10)

Burial Rites” by Hannah Kent – have read, rated 10/10

“The Lowland” by Jhumpa Lahiri – to read (have read “The Namesake” 9/10)

“A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing” by Eimcar McBride – WINNER – to read

The Undertaking” by Audrey Magee – now read, 9/10

The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt – have read, rated 10/10 (also read “The Secret History 7/10 and “The Little Friend” 5/10).

The reading list just got longer.

UPDATE July 2015 – 4 down, 2 to go !

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